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EisenLens is an easy to use workflow tool for categorising documents and entering meta tags. The focus is on quality. EisenLens allows you to define multiple levels of quality checks. Documents can be checked on a declining scale based on the tracked accuracy of a data entry operator. A subset of the documents can be quality checked by the client before the documents get uploaded into EisenVault or other supported document management systems.

Easy to use Desktop Platform for Windows and Mac

The EisenLens Desktop App makes it easy for your team to categorise documents and add metadata. This is assisted by our proprietary Machine Learning algorithm - thereby increasing accuracy and speed.

The supporting Web Application can be used by Project Managers and Clients to monitor progress and perform quality checks. This provides vital feedback to both the human executives and the Artificial Intelligence, and enables ongoing learning.


Tangibly Improve the Quality and Speed of Digitization Projects 

Teams that do high volumes of document scanning, uploading, or digitisation can tangibly improve the quality of metadata creation by using EisenLens. Examples of such teams are: BPO Companies, Record Departments of Corporations, Mail Rooms, Project Documentation Teams, Document Management Companies, and Physical Records Management Companies.

Get Categories Right with AI

EisenLens helps your data entry team categorise documents assisted by smart AI *. The more documents you categorise, the more the AI learns what your documents look like.

No More Double Data Entry

EisenLens makes it easy to enforce multiple levels of quality checks. The process is designed to minimise load on team leaders and clients while getting a high quality score.

Complete Projects Faster

Digitisation projects face delays and budget over runs due to quality issues that are discovered too late. EisenLens ensures that  executives learn fast and any mistakes are caught early.

How does it all work?

EisenVault lens-notext-512x512.png

A Document is scanned and imported into EisenLens

AI identifies the Document Category

EisenVault Square.jpg

Documents & Metadata are Pushed to the DMS of your Choice


Supervisor / Client Verifies subset of documents

AI Learns from Data Entry Operator's Actions

Data Entry Operator Verifies Category and Enters Metadata


Operator Learns from Supervisor / Client Feedback


Brought to you by the EisenVault Team

EisenLens is made with love by the Industry Veterans at EisenVault

EisenVault provide service and support across India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Nepal, United States, United Arab Emirates, Europe and South Africa. In India, we have offices in New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai and Bengaluru. 


EisenVault’s Document Management Software is available both on cloud and on premises. The Document Management System is accessible via Web Browsers, Microsoft Outlook Plugin, Google Chrome Plugin for Gmail, EisenVault’s iOS App, EisenVault’s Android App and via EisenVault Offline Sync Desktop Client for MacOS and Windows.


EisenVault is a document management system Software, often referred to as Document Management Systems (DMS) and cloud computing document storage. A cloud based document management system is a PC program used to store, oversee and track electronic archives and electronic pictures of paper based data caught using a record scanner. EisenVault is a management solution that allows cloud document storage for business, legal document management, manufacturing document management, HR document management and hospital document management. The cloud document management system yielding more prominent viability and the capacity to reuse data and to control the progression of the archives.


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